Chartered Accountants in Exeter and Newton Abbot

We inspire and facilitate business success by:

  • Harnessing the power of technology to deliver efficient, real time accounting
  • Use management information to mitigate risk and maximise opportunity
  • Ensure tax is minimised at every possible stage of the process

Not all accountants are experienced or qualified. We are Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers and experienced Business Consultants. As a result, we don’t crunch the numbers, or simply rely on technology to process them, we make them work for you. And we do this with one main aim, to increase the wealth of our clients.

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Peplows, Accountants in Exeter & Newton Abbot


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Meeting your needs

Whatever assistance you need, from help with cloud accounting and Making Tax Digital to ways to minimise tax and achieve growth we always deliver value and peace of mind. See our services section for more on what we can do for you.


We have the knowledge and experience required to help businesses operating in most business sectors, with particular expertise in some. See our sectors section

Here to help

Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation meeting today to see how we can help you or your business. You may prefer to skype or meet in person. Our offices have free parking for your convenience.

Our Services

Our services divide into three main areas:

Inspiring and facilitating business success – business start up, managing and growing businesses, buying and selling businesses

Minimising tax – business tax and personal tax

Delivering efficient, real-time accounting services – accounts and audit, cloud accounting, payroll, bookkeeping

Business start-up

Bring us your business ideas and we will help you to make them a reality ...


Managing & growing your business

To grow successfully, a business needs to know where it is now - and where it’s capable of going in the future ...


Buying and selling businesses

Are you considering buying a business, selling a business or looking to raise finance?


Accounts & Audit

We deliver an accurate, efficient and valuable range of compliance services to support all aspects of business administration...


Business Tax

Corporation and business tax are complex and constantly changing...


Personal Tax

The tax system is complex and constantly changing.


Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting allows you to keep track of your finances with all your data stored in a secure server (the cloud)...



Bookkeeping is a considerable burden for many businesses...



Payroll is becoming an increasingly complicated, risky and time consuming burden for employers...


Tax Investigation Service

We’ll protect you from the cost and provide expert support.




Previously, when we were on the DIY stage of doing everything relating to property including our Tax Returns etc, we didn’t realise that we have been paying the Tax-Man over and above what we should have been paying. In the 2011/12 Tax Year, if we had continued the way had done our taxes, our tax bill would have been just over £8,000. Since we joined Debbie at Peplows, our tax that year was £700, a saving of £7,300. Furthermore, she managed to help us recover some of the overpaid tax and we received two cheques from HMRC for over £3,700. So, in effect, we managed to save over £11,000 in our first year of being clients of Peplows. For us, this is a massive advantage of being associated with such experts and like-minded people.

Eranga Gunawardena

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