Personal Tax

The tax system is complex and constantly changing.

The tax system is complex and constantly changing. Our Chartered Tax Advisers and experienced tax specialists can do more than help you to meet your compliance obligations, they will help to ensure that you only pay the minimum tax you need to.

“When a friend mentioned he had found a great firm in Exeter and I should see what they’re like, I wasn’t expecting this result!

So, how comes a firm in Exeter, of all places, would know about international tax - I’m astounded! And your instantaneous response was second to none. Rather than deal with a big city firm I’m encouraged by your expertise. You’re outstanding.”

Harry Heslop

Self Assessment

We have the expertise and software to take the headache out of the form filling and compliance aspect of Self Assessment. Over recent years HMRC have increased the penalties for failing to file a return on time and for errors. Further changes will take place as a result of Making Tax Digital. We can complete tax returns, calculate any tax liability and advise you on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay.

Personal tax planning

Everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position. We can provide you with year-round practical advice on personal tax and the planning opportunities available to you to minimise your tax and protect your wealth.

Minimising your tax liability

Our tax experts can advise on:

  • Taking advantage of all reliefs to minimise your income tax bill
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Minimising capital taxes
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) – and all other areas of property tax
  • Non domicile tax issues

This short Tax Questionnaire will help to ensure you claim all the tax reliefs you are eligible for.

Estate planning

Few of us like to think about dying; however the relevant legislation requires us to plan well in advance. This means making the necessary provisions now. There are many tax opportunities available and the earlier arrangements are made, the greater the chance of taking full advantage of our complicated tax system.

It is important when planning to transfer an estate that adequate provision is made and getting the right balance requires considerable skill and foresight - along with a detailed knowledge of the current tax regime. We provide a discreet comprehensive estate planning service that includes:

  • help with planning and reviewing a will
  • making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • optimising lifetime transfers between family members
  • transferring agricultural or business property
  • transferring assets into trust
  • advice on arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities.


We also have expertise in dealing with trusts; a very tax efficient way to set aside assets for future beneficiaries outside the inheritance tax net. We can advise on the most suitable type of trust to fulfil your wishes, assist in setting up the trust and provide the full range of accounting services required for trust management.

HMRC negotiation

Being the subject of a tax investigation or enquiry by HMRC can be stressful and worrying. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC investigations and can provide expert help and support.

We also provide a fee protection service through which our fees for answering and defending HMRC enquiries are covered.

“Debbie, you and your team are unsung stars! Your dogged approach and unrelenting work rate to prove HMRC wrong is unparalleled. Thanks again!”

Chris Roe

See our personal tax factsheets for more detailed information.

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