Buying and selling businesses

Are you considering buying a business, selling a business or looking to raise finance?

Are you considering buying a business, selling a business or looking to raise finance?

Finance issues arise throughout the life cycle of your business; from the start, when you are managing the growth of your business (organically or by acquisition), through maturity and at the end when you are looking to exit.

Our specialist resources and skills include:

For growth

  • Identifying sources of funding
  • Extensive network of providers
  • Business plans and financial projections

For acquisition

  • Seeking acquisition opportunities
  • Identifying sources of funding
  • Financial and business due diligence
  • Expert negotiators

For exit

  • Succession planning
  • Management buy outs
  • Preparation of business for sale
  • Business valuations
  • Buyer search
  • Strong negotiation skills

Due diligence

Due diligence involves investigating the financial condition, background, operations and contractual obligations of an entity.

When done well it will establish a comprehensive, reliable and up to date account of the subject to allow informed decisions to be made by those considering any potential transaction or relationship.

Due diligence should be carried out before any decisions are made. Once complete, you will fully understand the risks, benefits, assets, liabilities and relevant information to make a fact-based decision.

Tax mitigation

We will ensure that every transaction is structured to minimise the tax burden.

Business planning and forecasts

In the search for finance, your business plan and financial management information will play a key role, helping convince a third party that it’s worth investing in your business.

Raising finance

Traditional sources include:

  • bank loans and overdrafts
  • recourse to savings and friends
  • issue of shares
  • venture capital.

There are specific methods of finance available to acquire assets or release cash from debtors. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, including implications for tax purposes. Options include:

  • leasing or hire purchase of assets
  • debt factoring
  • invoice discounting.

Alternative sources of finance include

  • crowdfunding, such as reward crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding
  • peer to peer lending (P2P).

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