Everyone is aware of the dangers of cybercrime and the importance of keeping documents protected and safe. To adopt best practice in this environment we have a secure document exchange and storage portal.

The portal offers the ability for clients to securely and easily upload as well as download documents. Moreover, it has the capability to allow some documents to be approved and signed. Finally, if clients ever need any documents after the event then they will still be available on the portal.

It’s free for clients to use and is quick and easy to set up.

Please speak to your usual contact at Peplows if you would like to start using the client portal.

Benefits of the portal

There are many benefits to using the portal, some of the main ones are listed below:

  • It works in exactly the same way as the files on your computer but with the benefit of being accessible at any time from anywhere
  • It provides a secure method of exchanging information and documents
  • In time it will accumulate an archive of documents such as accounts and returns which will be securely stored but readily accessible to you and anyone you give access to
  • Some documents can be approved by you electronically so this will speed up the approval process
  • The portal can reduce the reliance on paper and post delivering benefits to the environment

How to use the portal

Please click here for a useful guide on using the portal.


Access portal

Please click here for access.

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