Whether it’s to earn more money or to do more of the work they love, many people are taking control of their careers and starting up as a contractor or freelancer.

Key attractions:

  • More control of over your career - you decide the work you take on and the work you don’t
  • Better work/life balance – you can set your own working hours, are not obliged to do overtime and can take more holiday if you choose
  • Increased earnings – contractors are likely to have sought-after skills that clients will pay good money for
  • Financial freedom – limited company contracting facilitates legitimate tax planning strategies as well as pension and investment opportunities

Key responsibilities:

  • As a contractor, you don’t have employers, you have clients
  • As well as the work itself, you have the day to day business of running a company
  • You need to market yourself and win contracts
  • You will need to manage your finances which may include saving money to cover holiday/sickness and managing your own pension pot

Expert advice

Applying the skills and knowledge of Chartered Tax Advisers and Chartered Accountants we have tailored our services to the needs of the limited company contractor.

Our contractor experts, led by Mark Thompson, ACA CTA, will:

  • Advise on the structure and successful launch of your business
  • Use savvy tax planning strategies to ensure that you only pay the minimum tax that you need to
  • Help you to ensure that your legal obligations are met
  • Use the latest developments in technology to help you managing your finances efficiently
  • Apply our thorough understanding of IR35 to help you to avoid it

Contract review service

IR35 is possibility the biggest threat to the livelihoods of UK freelancers and contractors. We apply our wealth of experience identifying the risk factors which help us to arrive at a sound judgement as to your employment status and how your income should be taxed.

A review will also demonstrate to HMRC that you are taking reasonable care in assessing your status and we can provide advice on further ways to mitigate the risk of IR35.

Our contractor and freelance specialists would love to help you reach your goals. Contact us for a free initial discussion today.