Cloud accounting

We are proud to be a Xero Gold partner.

Cloud accounting allows you to keep track of your finances with all your data stored in a secure server (the cloud).

You can access everything through the internet, wherever you are, on your phone, laptop or computer.

It enables you to keep your finances organised, monitor your cash flow and keep track of profitability on a secure, easy-to-use platform. Therefore, you can access your business data in real time without the worry of losing anything as the software is automatically backed up.

One of the main drivers towards cloud accounting is HMRC’s Making Tax Digital.

Another key advantage is that we can access your system, making it easier for us to check your figures, prepare accounts, file directly and help with key business decisions.

Speak to us before choosing your accounting software. We can provide guidance and may even save you money.

Which software package should you choose?

We are proud to be a Xero Platinum partner. Here is a useful short demo video of Xero:

However, we are trained and qualified to use a number of packages and are keen to ensure that you use the right package for your business.

Evaluation, selection and training

You may already have an accounting system or be looking to install one for the first time. Our qualified team can review your requirements and ensure you are compliant, prepared for any upcoming changes and identify opportunities for saving time, helping you run your business more efficiently.

We can help with the initial set up and provide training on the use of the systems. Contact us for information on our free webinars.

5 biggest benefits of cloud to you and your business:

  1. Continuous access to your current financial position
  2. Multiple users to include, for example, your accountants
  3. Automatic updates from the software provider to keep your software updated
  4. Accounts are backed up automatically meaning no need to worry about losing any data
  5. Sector-specific apps allow you to link other digital tools directly with your accounts

Trusted software packages

We believe these packages provide the best value for money, are the most secure and fundamentally, they are compliant with HMRC’s requirements for MTD.

Xero Logo Sage logo Quickbooks logo

Consequently, we have staff trained and qualified to effectively use these systems. We also offer help sessions if you require some additional assistance.

Please contact us for more information on setting up and using cloud accounting software.