Are you due a visit from HMRC?

In recent years HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have been using various methods to increase the volume of enquiries and investigations launched into clients' tax affairs.

From our experience, one method HMRC appears to be increasingly relying on is data from third parties, such as bank interest. Using sophisticated software they compare information from third parties with that on tax returns and where data does not cross match it can automatically initiate an enquiry.

HMRC may not initially divulge or focus on what has led to the enquiry, instead launching a full investigation. Answering and defending these HMRC enquiries takes time, effort and specific expertise. When, finally, all evidence has been provided to prove the correct amount of tax has been paid, the third party information is proven to be incorrect. However, for the tax payer, there are still the resulting fees incurred in dealing with such matters.

Our tax enquiry service protects you from adverse costs incurred by HMRC activity at a fixed manageable annual fee and ensures that we are able to represent you at the best possible level, thus providing further peace of mind.

We highly recommend that our clients protect themselves and their businesses against the cost of conducting these enquiries.

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