Peplows' Portal

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a client document portal which will deliver improved security and efficiency in the way that we communicate with you.

Peplows' portal, using ShareFile, is a protected, simple and direct file exchange. Not only will you be able to access documents, you will be able to digitally sign and upload files. This straight forward and convenient process will save considerable time and can be completed anywhere with internet access. The client portal is also best practice in terms of meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, and with such high levels of security, it will become our primary method of document exchange in the future.

The process of registering on the portal is very simple. The first time we upload a document for you to access, you will receive a notification via email and you will be asked to activate the secure account. We will be verifying email addresses in advance of this initial upload.

Peplows staff are trained on the use of Sharefile and your usual contact at Peplows will be pleased to help with any problems you may have when activating or using the portal.